1. BulletOn the whole, the need for those with extensive knowledge of big data is growing; a 2017 report by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society indicated that demand for Health I.T. Solutions providers is at an all time high.

  1. BulletIn addition, Physicians with a background in Clinical Informatics can work in Public Health, and Health systems to help shape care & policy. 

  2. BulletOne position growing in U.S. popularity is Principal Medical Informatics Officer. e.I.T.S, Inc can bring you and your staff up to speed in no time, if wherever inspired. In all aspects of Healthcare Informatics Deployment, Management, Meaningful Use, Medical Informatics Staffing, and Outsourcing.

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  1. BulletClinical informatics—the study of health information and data to improve patient care—was declared a new medical subspecialty and 456 physicians were board certified in 2013. With more than 25 programs accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, it has grown substantially since then. The number of physicians certified in clinical informatics in the U.S. surpassed 1,100 as of January 2016.

  2. BulletHealth information management (HIM) - While not a formal is the discipline that has historically focused on the management of medical records. As the medical record has become electronic, this field has been in transition and increasingly overlaps with Informatics.

  3. BulletInformatics focuses on specific healthcare disciplines, such as nursing (nursing informatics), pathology (pathology informatics), etc.

  4. BulletPublic health informatics - The application of informatics in areas of public health, including surveillance, reporting, and health promotion.

  1. BulletBioinformatics - The application of informatics in Cellular and Molecular Biology, increasingly with a focus on Biochemistry and Genomics. The sub-term translational bioinformatics is used to describe bioinformatics applied to Human health.

  2. BulletImaging Informatics - Informatics with a focus on imaging, including the use of PACS systems to store and retrieve images in health care settings.

  3. BulletResearch Informatics - The use of informatics to facilitate biomedical and health research, which subsumes the frequently described area of clinical research informatics that is widely used to describe informatics applications in clinical research. This increasingly includes an emphasis on translational research, which aims to accelerate research findings from bench (biological) to bedside and into widespread clinical practice.

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