Enterprise Solutions: (5 to 5000 Plus Users / Offices)

  1. Bullet* iManage Cloud: Intelligent Cloud Management of the life cycle, of professional work product; for enhanced productivity, client service, and governance.

  2. Bullet    Business Intake Manager ; Classify ; Conflicts Manager

  3. Bullet    Document + Email Management ; Extract ; Insight

  4. Bullet    RAVN Artificial Intelligence ; Records Manager

  5. Bullet    Security Policy Manager ; Security, Risk and Governance

  6. Bullet    Threat Manager ; Work Share

  1. Bullet* NetDocuments Cloud: We meet teams where they work. Technology is meant to help your team, not hinder it. That’s why NetDocuments lives in the applications you use every day like Outlook, Microsoft Office, and the browser. Simple billing, NetDocuments charges per user and per gigabyte (GB) of storage for each user. Each user is $20 / month, and comes with 1 GB of storage.

  1. Bullet* Opentext Legal Solutions Cloud: Address legal and compliance issues, manage information, optimize processes and minimize cost and risk with Legal solutions from OpenText.

Lean Practice Solutions: (1 to 50 Users / Offices)

  1. BulletClio: Comprehensive legal practice management software for lean Legal practice.

  2. BulletMy Case: Every Case Detail at Your Fingertips With MyCase, you never have to think twice about where to find important case documents, messages, and contacts — everything is organized and easily accessible from any web browser or device.

  3. BulletPractice Panther: Lean Legal Practice Management. Combine it with your favorite Cloud Storage solution like Box or Office 365 and One Drive for Business and your lean team is organized and collaborating in realtime in the comfort of your home.

  1. BulletRocket Matter: Take Your Law Firm to New Heights with Rocket Matter. Collect more money than ever before with our pioneering cloud-based legal practice management software and world-class support.

  2. BulletTime Matters: Time Management for Legal Practitioners, because time matters.

  3. BulletUptime Legal-works: Paperless Law Office: Implementing OCR. If not now, then when? Legal Practice Management; born in the Cloud. Legal works starter $495 (5 Users Minimum license) / Month; $49 per month each additional user.

  4. BulletZola Suite: Next generation practice management application that puts greater emphasis on built-in features as opposed to reliance on integrations with third-party applications.

Legal Informatics for Practice Management:

Engineering Nextgen Professional Discipline

Enterprise Engineering, Informatics & Training, Solutions (Computer help) (619) 417-9583.

I started out a Clone PC Engineer in San Diego. Then working in Legal Market Systems Integration. Building Practice Management PC Infrastructure. After two (2) years as Chief EAI Field Engineer, I took a Senior Network Engineer role at a larger-scale Integrator. Servicing Southern CA & the Hawaiian Islands Market for Six (6) years; Engineering Complete LAN Solutions.

Independently specializing in Professional Practice Management Solutions thenceforth, from soup to nuts.

With the advent of the Cloud, the Health Information Management (HIM) industry on the rise, and the LAN Engineering market evaporating into Intelligent Cloud Services. I saw the need for & opportunity to widen the Scope of Managed Practice; Meaningful Use, a point of passion for my Career efforts in Medical Informatics.

Cardinal mission: Casting a new cadre of Esquire & Medical Savvy. Tech-savvy California Clinicians who can think like Engineers; to solve emerging & persistent problems in Human health. A revolutionary team that harnesses Biomedical Informatics (BMI), Chemistry, Engineering, & Medicine, for Human health (ChEM-H).

⚕️Targeting a qualified Medical Scientist Training Program in ChEM-H at the Interface of Chemistry & Human Biology (CBI) or InterDisciplinary Philosophy (IDP), for an MD-PhD license to practice. Homed in any of Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Chemical & Systems Biology, Computer Science (CBI); General Medicine & Neurology (MD), or Neurological & Regenerative Health (IDP). 

🏥 Subspecialty: Biomedical Informatics (BMI). Incorporating an innovative catalyst for the Biomedical Revolution at the Interface of Chemistry & Human Biology; Legal-savvy (ChEM-H JD/MD-PhD). Stanford Mission; Est ‘28. ΑΦΣ-HΨ•ΦΑΔ•ΦΔE

Shavuah Tov; Sincerely, 

Mr. Mike G. Matthes B.S. i.C.S.E. M.C.S.E. 

Chairman, CEO, Founder of eITS, Inc.

Principal Biomedical Enterprise Engineer, Informaticist, Laboratory Scientist.

⚕️STEM B.S. fluent in the ABCs of Life as a Seasoned Informaticist, boot camping in the wonderful world of Medicine {Business (A)dministration; (B)iochemistry, (C)ellular & Molecular Clinical Biology, and Public (L)aw for Human health}.

👨‍🎓Biochemistry & Public Affairs Dual Major; Business Administration, Cellular & Molecular Biology Dual Minor; With Emphases in Biochemical & Clinical Laboratory Science, 🏛Biomedical Philosophy, Real Estates, & Scientific Writing; Est '21. Certificated in C.J., L.E., & Public Law ‘18; ΑΦΣ-HΨ•ΦΑΔ.

Top Firms our CEO has reconstructed, to date.

Carlsmith Ball LLP

Hono, Kona, Hilo, Maui, HI & LA, CA

1500+ offices

BAXTER Health Care

500+ offices - Los Angeles, CA

Goodsill Anderson Quinn & Stifel LLP

250+ offices - Honolulu, HI

Torkildson Katz Moore Hetherington

80+ offices - Honolulu, HI

Murtaugh Meyer Nelson & Treglia LLP

85+ offices - Irvine, CA

Higgs Fletcher Mack LLP

80+ offices - Emerald building, San Diego, CA

Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire

60+ offices - Mister A’s, San Diego, CA

McCorriston Miller Mukai & Mackinnon LLP

60+ offices - Honolulu, HI

Mulvaney Kahan & Barry LLP

35+ offices - San Diego, CA

Koeller Nebeker Carlson & Haluck LLP

45+ offices - San Diego, CA

Jeff Katz Architecture

8+ offices, SDSU San Diego, CA

Law Offices of G. Cole Casey, APLC.

8+ offices, Mister A’s, San Diego, CA

Robert A. Cosgrove & Associates

8+ offices, Encinitas, CA