Engineering Next-gen R&D Discipline

  1. BulletBioinformatics - The application of informatics in Cellular and Molecular Biology, increasingly with a focus on Biochemistry and Genomics. The sub-term translational bioinformatics is used to describe bioinformatics applied to Human health.

  1. BulletPublic health informatics - The application of informatics in areas of public health, including surveillance, reporting, and health promotion.

  1. BulletResearch Informatics - The use of informatics to facilitate biomedical and health research, which subsumes the frequently described area of clinical research informatics that is widely used to describe informatics applications in clinical research. This increasingly includes an emphasis on translational research, which aims to accelerate research findings from bench (biological) to bedside and into widespread clinical practice.

Balanced Transformational Research

Unfolding R&D Informatics

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